The Proverbs Experiment

Inside Information from the Richest Man Who Ever Lived

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Proverbs was written primarily by King Solomon more than 2,000 years ago. His wealth and excellence were so grand it even made the Queen of Sheba faint. His wisdom was saught after from the poorest of the poor to the highest of royalty at the time.  Some estimate his net worth as over 800 billion dollars!

Steven K. Scott was encouraged by his good friend Gary Smalley to read Proverbs on a daily basis after losing a series of jobs in a few years. He told his friend he guranteed that if he read Proverbs daily Steven would be a millionaire in five years. It took Steven only three.

I challenge you to experiment as well.  So, if today is the first, read Proverbs chapter one. If today is the 30th, read Day 30, and so on. At the end of one year, you would have read through Proverbs 12 times.

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As you read through Proverbs you will begin to see why some of the things you do have succeeding while other things have not. There is a wealth of information in this one book that has been freely given by Our Creator, El Elyon: God Most High. In it you will find the answers to health, wealth, and happiness when you apply the counsel found in the pages of this ancient book.

Reading Proverbs made Steven K. Scott a millionaire in three years. What can it do for you?

The possibilities are endless. Let’s find out together what Proverbs will do for you!

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