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Today’s power verse is brought to you by the NLT, Proverbs 21 and verse 20: The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get.

In the course of my conversation with a co-worker on what it means to be middle class in America, it was interesting to note the perception one has on who is wealthy and who isn’t. Statistically speaking, most people in America live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of what they make. There are people “living the life” in a big home, fancy car, and expensive clothing, who, really, are just as poor as John Smith on the other side of the tracks. So why is it that no matter how much someone is “bringing home” there still is not enough or just enough?

The answer is found in this proverb.

Along the way, although the paycheck got bigger, no wisdom was really acquired. Wealth is measured by how long you can live on what you have until finances run out. You’d be surprise how many “rich” people aren’t wealthy at all and how many “poor” folks are actually better off than there so called rich counterparts.

In the end, it is far better to gain wisdom, for with it you can not only acquire wealth, but keep it.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

As I was praying a couple of weeks ago I had an AHA! moment with God. It was so wonderful and so freeing I didn’t want to keep it to myself.

Those I’ve shared this with personally have also been blessed with this revelation. My prayer is that as I try to recreate for you what happened to me in that moment that this same window of opportunity is opened for you and you experience true freedom!

While praying the following thoughts came to me…

Had you not been rejected, those in your circle would have seeded in you things that I didn’t want as part of your paradigm of thought. Had you not been betrayed, you would have been shackled to people who are not going where you were to go.

You see, in those moments of rejection and betrayal it was allowed to protect you for those that needed you in the future; that needed you now.

So you see, it was My love for you that allowed it. I was there; I’ve always been there. Now you can close the door because the time has come. Those I’ve protected you for are here and still yet to come.

Close the door. You are free. I’ve protected you from the beginning and what was meant to harm you was used as My instrument to bless you; protect you; keep you on the right path to the fulfillment of our destiny…


All I can say is: God, you sure know how to rock my world! Love You!

For the last few years the home based business in the United States has been booming. Now that we have all gone global, the latest boom in the home based business world is affiliate programs. When the big boys like Wal-Mart and Amazon get into this marketing strategy, it would be to our benefit that we all pay attention!

Nearly every week someone is claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread, offering incentives to join them. Often times they want to sell you something you can get for free or overprice and overhype what they have in their hand to get you to release what is in yours.

The question then becomes if you have been burned by the “gurus” can you really make money from giving people away something for free because all your finances have been used up on programs with mirages as bait? Is there really money in free? Is there any money getting into something that is low-cost?

Yes you can!

Facebook, something we would consider should be free to use, is on track for their estimated 70 billion (yes, that is a b in there) dollars in revenue by the end of 2012. How much is there revenue now? About 60 billion (yes, that’s another b in there).

Billions of dollars in revenue are being created integrating something that is free to use!

So, what is the business strategy you can learn from this?

When giving something to use that is free it needs to add value into the life of the person who is or will be using it.

Concentrate on giving people something of value and even fun and watch your bottom line grow. Even if what you give away of value for free gives you only 6% in revenue, what is 6% of a million users?

Let’s do some fun math:

1,000,000 users x .06 (6%) = 60,000 upgrades

60,000 upgrades (let’s say your program starts at a $4 for your first tier) = $240,000

And if your 60,000 brings in just 1 person and that 1 person is your 2nd tier @ $6 = 60,000 x 6= $360,000

So from your 1 million users came 60,000 upgrades who brought 1 person in to upgrade = $600,000

Hmmmmm, not to bad from a free business model now is it?

Feel free to sound off!