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Today’s Video Coaching: Are You Under Pressure? What To Do About It








Beauty was God’s Idea ~ Karla Hurst Scott

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Today’s Video Coaching: Beauty Was God’s Idea


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Today’s Video Coaching: How To Get Organic Prosperity


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Today’s Video Coaching: What You Should Focus On This Week


We use the stages of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly as the pattern for our system.  From concept to transition to breakthrough to flight.

Our passion is to midwife the destiny of those we encounter in whatever stage they are in.  We believe that everyone is made with a great purpose and count it an honor to play a small role in their metamorphosis.


Conception Phase: 


Getting To Know You Package: includes a scientifically backed report based on the questions you answer, analysis, and 30 minute power session. Valued at $199, your investment is only $125




Visioneering (Vision Engineering) Take your ideas and put them into action. A combination of vision mapping, vision engineering, and brain storming, these two powerful 30 minute sessions over six weeks will take you from concept to action with practical, tangible steps. A value of $196, your investment is only $149.00


Nurturing Phase:

manna small

Daily Manna: Receive personalized text messages over the course of 30 days to nurture, empower, and equip you in the season you are at. A value of $294, your investment is only $199.





Mind Shift: If you don’t change the way you think, you are destined to end up back where you were. A critical piece to success, we will assist you in helping you change your thinking so you change your world.   Sound bites will be sent to you daily for a month from Monday through Friday. A value of $589, your investment is only $499


Transition Phase:


The Breaker package: for those serious about taking their life, business, and/or relationships to the next level, The Breaker package includes four 30 minute sessions over the course of 90 days. Each session will come with personalized action steps to assist you in breaking your barriers and moving forward. Your investment is only $392.


Transition Coaching: Supporting you through the ups and downs of the phase you are in when you are not on the high, we will help you navigate through the process so that you see the expected end of success. Nine 30-minute support coaching calls over the course of nine months is a value of $882, your investment is only $699.


Take Flight Phase:

The becoming: Desiring to be changed from the inside out, The Becoming package aides you in coming into being all you are and all your meant to be. This year long package includes 12 30-minute monthly sessions. A value of $1200, your investment is only $999.

VIP Day: This one day intensive coaching with both Karla and Raquel includes your hotel stay in an amazing location, all meals, driver pick up and drop off from the airport. Personalized to your season, this is only for those serious and ready to multiply what’s within them. A value of $7,000, your investment is only $5,000 for both coaches.

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